Blog Entry #6

What has been your biggest challenge with the engineering project so far?

I think that there have been two main challenges for my group. The first problem is because our topic is supposed to inform. The project guidelines are for a physical project. The second problem is communication. Being in an online setting: it is hard to communicate what tasks are left.

What are you most proud of so far?

The thing I am currently proudest of is how we are each pulling our weight with the project. There are no defined tasks for each person. It is mostly fill-in as you go. The second thing I am proud of is how Eric and I made a whole new presentation for our group. It was fun to be able to work in a pair to get the work done.

If you could give advice to future seniors in the capstone class, what advice would you give them regarding the capstone project?

Figure out who are the leaders and who are the followers quickly. In our group, the leaders are Clair and Isabelle. They are the ones the rest of us ask when we don't know what to do. The advice comes in that you don't let the followers get confused. During the first semester, they made most of the decisions, we got lost in the background. I would make a conscious effort to include everyone and make sure they know what is going on. It hindered us at first, now everyone knows what is happening, and we work a lot better.

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