Work in Progress

Capstone Project
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This Capstone Project is about seeing what we can do to reduce the difficulty of finding housing for the people suffering from homelessness and mental illness

Elevator Pich


Our mentor is Dr. Stephanie Moon. Dr. Moon works at UCLA as a research expert on homelessness. Since Dr. Moon is a research expert she can lead us in the right direction. As of now, she's already given us more resources and some critique. 

Cost Analysis

  • Coding

    • Gatsby.js or Next.js (free)

    • D3.js for charts (free)

    • GraphQL (free)

  • Hosting

    • Netlify (free)

    • An open-source CMS (free)

    • Amazon Web Services 

      • Lambda (for API requests, connects the website to the database)

        • first, 1 million requests per month are free

      • DynamoDB Database

        • first, 25GB is free, $0.25 per GB after

        • $1.25 per 1 million write request units

        • $0.25 per 1 million read request units

      • S3, or Simple Cloud Storage

        • $0.023 per GB

      • Estimated cost: <$1.00

  • Buy a domain

    • Up to $15

Capstone Project Update (January)

We have finished outlining the materials need for the project, and we have submitted them to the appropriate location. As the project has progressed, we have made a list of criteria for our project to be successful. With those criteria, we have made tests to gauge the accuracy and reliability of the website. As of now, we have changed our meeting schedule with our mentor and we have switched it to every other week. 

Capstone Project Update (March) 

We have completed a detailed outline. We listed all of our concepts and questions, arranging them in the general format of the website. We are working on researching and filling in that outline. It makes it easier for Isabelle to copy-paste it into the website. As most of the group researches the topic, Isabelle is coding the website. We have a meeting planned with our mentor Dr. Moon: she gives us advice and steers us in the right direction. Our mentor also recommended we get in touch with a Webmaster she knows. We are working on setting a meeting up with him.